Read-Lab at Neuroscience at Storrs, 2019

Heather Read interviewed about Brain Computer Interface By Gaming Expert Emily Gera for Variety Magazine Article Link

Heather Read speaking at BRAIN-MIND SUMMIT 2019 Link

Brain-Mind-Presentation Link

Heather Read participating at BRAIN-MIND SUMMIT 2018

Read-Lab Presenting at NEURON conference in Connecticut

Heather Read, Invited Speaker at the Gordon Research Conference Link: GFC Link

Graduate Student, Natasza Marrouch Presenting at IEEE in Brazil


Heather Read, Seminar at Imperial College London Link to Seminar

Heather Read Interviewed at Neuroscience Talk Shop Podcast

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Heather Read visiting scientist  Cold Spring Harbor Labs


Michelle Petersen (LinkedIn)  at highlighted our wide-field maps of brain responses to musical tones.

Link to Health Innovations Article