NIH-NIMH-Award 1R01-MH121350-1   (2019-2022) “Physiological markers of forebrain circuit engagement regulating effort-based decision making”  (Salamone, PI, Chrobak, Co-PI,  Read, Co-I, Stevenson, Co-I)

NIH-Award 015138  (2015-2020) “CRCNS: The role of sound statistics for discrimination and coding of sounds”  (Escabi, PI, Read, Co-I, Stevenson, Co-I)

NSF-Award 1355065  (2014-2019) “Cortical Specializations for Behavioral Discrimination of Temporal Shape and Rhythm of Sound.” (Read, PI, Escabi, Co-PI)

NSF IGERT Award (2012-2017), “Language Plasticity-Genes, Brain, Cognition and Computation” (Core Faculty)

NIH , R01 Award, DC006397-01A1 (2005-2011), “Organization of Spectrotemporal Receptive Fields in the Auditory Midbrain” (Escabi PI, Read, Co-PI)

NIH, P01 Award, P01 HD020806-16A1 (2002-2008), “Animal Models of Learning Disability”(Read, PI, Escabi, Co-PI)